Leisure Kraft Pontunes


I’m on my third LeisureKraft pontoon boat. I just keep trading up; My current model is 24 ft. with the fishing package and 140 hp Suzuki, which is perfect for this tritoon. It’s nice to sit down with the owner and customize your toon from the ground up (or water up as the case may be). The quality of materials and workmanship are top notch. I use my toon on local freshwater here in East Tennessee. My brother has the same model which he uses in saltwater in Florida. You would be surprised at how well it takes the swells and rough Gulf waters." To say we are sold on LeisureKraft is an understatement."

Jack D. Houston

"The [included] pictures you are looking at is the reason I wanted the pontoon boat.  We are making some wonderful, wonderful memories.  We have had so much fun this summer on the poontoon boat.  Thank you again..."

Nikki Alexander

"I am a most satisfied owner of a LeisureKraft boat.  It is a 2003, 25.9", all aluminum triple pontoon.  I live in Florida, on the water, so the pontoon is under very adverse conditions as you might imagine.  Because of the aluminum structure, it is as good as the day I purchased it.  The triple pontoons make it a very stable boat!  With a 140 horsepower 4 stroke engine, the handling is superb!"

Fred Devin

"Thank you SO much for hooking us up with the pontoon boat. We had no problems and we had a blast the whole time we were on the water. ... Thank you so much again, our family time was irreplaceable."

Mark and Carlee Bland

"Thank you... so very much. We would like to thank Wade, Scott and everyone that built our pontoon. It's a great pontoon and have had lots of compliments and no problems."

Jack & Frances

"Thank you, Leisure Kraft! Looking for 3,000.0 hours of great service in 2010!"

Alex Fisher